Current Events The Decade of Zoro


This is a thread dedicated to Zoro, where we talk about all the great moments of Zoro, talk about his character and powers, talk about his role and importance in the story and where you see him in future arcs.

Also feel free to post random panels of Zoro you personally enjoyed.
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As long it's not the year of Luffy again, it's cool. I mean Luffy you're my favorite and I love ya, but Oda's needs to give your friends some highlights and good boss fights.

Good grief... :catrude:

Yeah still salty about Sanji baking a stupid cake while Luffy got to fight Katakuri last arc. Do your best Zoro! I'll root for you!

It should be year of Luffy along with other SH instead of other allies...why can't one have that kind of thought....defeating Kaido is a big deal and only it won't be year of Luffy when Luffy won't be the one defeating Kaido.....