Current Events The Decade of Zoro

I want everyone to fight King. I want it to be a group effort. I want Law there, I want Zoro there with Enma, Sanji, Nami, Jinbei, everyone. The Strawhats are a team.

Zoro ftw.
Better not jinx it again

- When Oda said "this year will be Year of Sanji", we all knew in that year Sanji officilally turned from Mr. Prince into Miss Princess, Mr. Hunter into Miss Damsel
- When Oda and his editors said "Wano will be super exciting blabla!! Make Marineford look cute!!", we all knew how Demon Slayer almost surpassed One Piece's sales during Wano arc. The arc does make Marineford look cute btw, with epic battles one after another between Hero Luffy against fearsome villains like Holdem, Urashima, and Babanuki.

Now you guys are hoping Oda will announce 2020 as Year of Zoro?
Based on past record, whatever Oda and his editors said will do the opposite


Kitetsu Wanker
Well, the year of Sanji... It wasn't what we expected but it was exactly what Oda wanted.
The number 1 purpose of Sanji and his number 1 passion have been the focus of the year.
In an arc revolving all around chefs and food, Sanjino was brilliant. A true star.

He has confirmed that he doesnt choose between friend and foe when it comes to serving food.
Among the best chefs in the world, his skills have been recognized and admired.
His cake surpassed BM's wildest dreams. The year of Sanji was a complete success when it comes to his passion.

Now, ask yourselves what Zoro's purpose and passion are and do you expect anything else than success?
Zoro is a different character who revolves completely about fighting and fighting you will get.
Brace yourselves, swordbois are cumin'! :zosmug:


I am not too sure about the results of the year of Zoro, knowing how the year of Sanji went. I wouldn't be surprised if Zoro loses a fight against King or another opponent in the incoming Fire Festival which isn't going to go very well for the alliance imo.
I mean we are already expecting them to lose this Round. Especially with the alliance not even knowing that Big Mom is present there.