Current Events The Decade of Zoro


Kitetsu Wanker
He might get stalled by kyoshiro at wano then tbh
Cause we definitely gonna get more kyoshiro
Also dont really change the fact the strawhats might lose at first on onigashima
Sounds good.
Zoro gets stalled in the capital, others go to Onigashima and suffer a defeat, Zoro arrives when he is done with Kyoshiro, saves everyone at Onigashima and saves the day.


More than year of Zoro, 2020 going to be doomsday to the alliance and could have made a thread about "the year of Zoro in 2021"....too early for this thread imo
I gotta say it, I've had a lot of respect for Zoro in Wano.
And I truly can't wait to see him shine more and more in this arc.

EL is technically a Robin arc and yet she didn't get a single fight in that arc....
At least Robin broke Spandam's spine.
That shit was so satisfying to watch.

Meanwhile, what did Sanji get? Nothing... not even a shred of acknowledgement from Judge, just the same "you're a failure" rhetoric.. Like what the fuck was the point of Sanji saving them when in the end, his father's attitude towards him didn't change at all? That was the cherry on the cake, on how shit WCI was.

Sure, Sanji's kindness and whatever..
But the resolve? the conclusion? It was utterly shit.


You can't win
We shall see how this year will play out but as mentioned before, i believe the alliance will get destroyed. In the end, i expect Luffy to shine more this year though, although both their developments were interesting from them meeting at the beginning of Wano and causing havoc, Oda giving them side story intimately relating them to Wano, and training before the assault in Onigashima





So better just wait and see
#ZKK = Zoro Killing Kaido:smoothy:
β–  The Fight against Kaido and Big mom approached and will leave a lot of casualities which can even include important characters ( law ..... ) but we all know that it will end with a Victory to SHs and with opening Wano's borders .
β–  I will say ether during the Fight or after opening Wano's Borders we will know each character's Power level and that will end with someone winning and others losing .
β–  i believe that Zoro will gain a glory far greater than any other Character appeared in the story :
● Zoro will kill Kaido and will be named a Dragon Slayer .:myman:
● Zoro after Wano will have a shocked bounty = 2.32 billion :finally::cautious::whistle:
- I made this thread now so when the time comes i can remind you of that .:endthis: