What will be Sanji new bounty ?

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No piece of Kaido uh? God, I hate Oda for doing this.
Yeah I'm seriously disappointed he never got a moment vs Kaido. I'm hoping to see him do something vs Shanks if needed or at least Blackbeard but if he gets to fight an Admiral at least, then I'll be happy. I'm hoping he's gonna fight Green Bull especially or Kizaru at least.

I've even toyed with him fighting Kuzan as part of the BB pirates potentially.
Sanji with coc would be well welcomed ofc and you can make a case for it too ofc with ambiguous things, different interpretations or parallels.

he can get it potentially there is nothing going against the notion of him having it narratives wise.. or it turns out he had it but never really used it for whatever reason on panel.

is it necessary? if you want it to be necessary then it is.. if you think sanji's can do without it then sure.

but at the end accept whatever oda chooses for him and his character rightfully as the author.