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Kaido would need to get defeated anyway, and Sanji isn't suddenly think about cooking while fighting for his life, so Kaido would need to stop fighting or get previously defeated, so then Sanji could think about it
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It wasn't anyones moment to fight an Younko at WCI, it was the moment of desperatly running for their lives in a Younko territory with half of the crew and luckily plenty of people helping
I mean, Sanji stopped Mama with a cake in WlC, he "faced" a Yonko in his own way, as a cook and there's nothing wrong with that.
Kaido has 0 business with him, his character it's cleary related with a samurai theme and Sanjino doesn't showed any intention to face him.

Well, the only thing i can see he doing is rescue someone from Kaido using his invisibility, but i doubt that happens.