Zoro vs Kaido bet thread.

Gol D. Roger

The Pirate King
Guys, we have enough threads to discuss Zoro and Kaido; Please do not argue in a betting thread. Just post what you think is gonna happen and what you're willing to bet i.e., the price you're willing to pay if you end up being wrong.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of Zoro VS Kaido then do it here.
Not to be rude, but I think the problem people might have with "real Zoro fans" is exactly this. Mihawk implies that they haven't fought in ten years, when Shanks freaking came up. Shanks arrives at the war and Blackbeard with his fresh outta jail crew doesn't want smoke. The man has a 4 billion bounty. He's not gonna get beaten by freaking Mihawk just because Zoro is a cool character.
Lol... Can you hate on Mihawk more than this? You are putting @Jo_Ndule to shame.