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    NBA discussion thread

    monster game from AD. Haven’t seen him that dominant since the bubble OKC probably has the least experience of any team in the western conference no? Denver probably still the team to beat. AD doesn’t match up well with jokic
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    Current Events So why didn’t Oda just have Brannew say that…

    Yes, everytime that Mihawk and Shanks fight, the Marines asked them to turn off haki and use the same amount of strength, so they are only evaluated by their “pure” swordsmanship….
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    Loki s.2.e06 Glorious Purpose

    May be the best thing the MCU has ever put out.
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    Questions & Mysteries What do you think Zoro wants from Vegapunk?

    Obviously, He wants Vegapunk to develop a way for him to pretend to have advCoC more convincingly
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1088 Spoilers Discussion

    Break time already? :josad::josad::josad:
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1086 Spoilers Discussion

    The World's Strongest Accountant has finally been introduced :kobeha:
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    NBA discussion thread

    Vandos doesnt work on Jokic unfortunately, hes too skinny and better for defending guards/wings. Rui is going to be key for the Lakers this series. I feel better about AD and Lebrons offense this series. Denvers interior defense is significantly worse than Memphis and GSW.
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    NBA discussion thread

    I am a believer again, I didn't know if Bron could still do this with injury and being old ass shit but hes been the best player by far this game. They got a shot against the nuggets if Bron can do this multiple times in the series
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers Discussion

    Silhouette Piece is back :jordanmf:
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    NBA discussion thread

    One team focus on getting to the rim/playing bully ball. The other team focus on getting open 3s and usually playing undersized. Its so weird that they don’t get the same free throws…
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    NBA discussion thread

    Nuggets. They have the personnel to defend their best guys - AD on Jokic, Vanderbilt/Reaves/Schroeder on Jamal. Then basically spam pick and rolls / drives at Jokic
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    NBA discussion thread

    This was the Lonnie Walker game
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    NBA discussion thread

    JJJ won DPOY over AD while playing less minutes throughout theseason.....
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    NBA discussion thread

    Miami actually did it. Bucks just threw :gokulaugh:
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    NBA discussion thread

    the results already speaks for itself. Lakers went from 13th to 7th seed once they traded his ass, and thats with Bron missing half the games and coming back way too soon while the Clippers barely had a .500 record with him. the most infuriating thing with westbrook wasn’t even the offense, it...