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    Powers & Abilities Why is Kidd so clueless about haki

    Who's Kidds Rayleigh, Sengoku or Corazon, who was his Mihawk? He broke out of prison before Luffy started training so he missed hyos lesson. Yet he still managed to get here where people with special training and guidance, he's nobummer, he's just not Law, Luffy or Zoro.
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    Questions & Mysteries Question about zkk

    Why do you think the drugs haven't taken effect?
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    General & Others There's nothing wrong with ZKK. Zoro can kill Kaido

    I know he's getting up with sake Just like luffy tried in thriller bark And when we got 2 heroes in Fishman Island He's asked for it multiple times this arc On the cover page that he was sitting on the tombstone that was kaidos vivre card he's drinking sake Shanks referred to it the sake he...
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    Anime opening/intro song tournament

    Sure 1649385399 Sure
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    General & Others The problem with Zkk

    Your right, my mistake 1648585487 Yup my mistake
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    General & Others The problem with Zkk

    Sake, Zoro will get up with Sake
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    General & Others The problem with Zkk

    We don't know Monets fate yet
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    General & Others The problem with Zkk

    Zoro is a yc 1 but he was the only one to significantly damage kaido, after he took the strongest attack in the series, luffy couldn't do that damage when he was fresh and he couldn't take hakai Luffy also took the dub against Captain Morgans, and Sanji handled Big Mom so thats false And Zoro...
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    General & Others The problem with Zkk

    No one saw the king dragon, doesn't count Luffy tried to win and failed, he was also the only member of the alliance to be knocked out before the fight with kaido started Kaido said he and Yamato are onis Kaido said there won't be another monstrous samurai: zoro enters chat
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    Break Week Sanji is ultimate rival of Zoro

    There's no fight for role in the crew, everyone but Sanji fans understand that 1648541260 Winged creatures still have a dominant "hand" and since Zoro is the right hand that makes Luffy the PK right handed
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    General & Others The problem with Zkk

    As you quote luffy realize he never said he would kill him, and no one thought Zoro overshadowed Luffy with Captain Morgan 1648540267 So if other people beat him why is it a problem if Zoro kills him 1648540740 Luffy spent his weeks in prison, Zoro befriended the people and the princess...
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    Theory Zoro's death and rebirth

    This has been foreshadowed greatly. 1st look back at the first testing moment for Zoro with nothing happened, as he was incapacitated Luffy said we can fix him with Booze. 2nd at Fishman Island we learn why our 2 heroes don't want to be heroes, 1 won't share meat, the other won't share sake...
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    Theory Luffy has the Monkey King no mi

    But everyone knew what thier fruit was as soon as they ate it, but on the other hand luffy was the only person who struggled with control at 1st also
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers Discussion

    So luffys the only one allowed to get ko'd then return? And it wouldn't be the first time he overshadowed him? They fought once and luffy didn't win The dragon slaying has to be seen by the public other wise it never happened Oda said he'll become an oni-hunter and Yamato aint in danger Be patient