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Yeah, I see that now. Doesn't mean they cant/won't make him crash the island somewhere else if something big happens
We had the bomb in Alabasta. Enel was charging up a Raigou in Skypeia. Daylight was coming in Thriller Bark and would kill everyone. Doflamingo had the birdcage in Dressrosa.

In every arc, Oda has some approaching calamity that imposes a time limit. The Onigashima levitation is clearly that for Wano.

There’s no way this isn’t the final battle. Sorry Mr. Morj, you were wrong on this one.
3 bold predictions im making still

- Numbers have Kaiju fruits
- They will attack the capital like how Apoo has mentioned they've ravaged kingdoms/cities before
- The 10 (Kanjuro will end up good again, classic Oda) Scabbards will defeat each of them, giving them something to do after they recover.

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