Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Don’t get me wrong, I also love ladies and would be useless in a fight!! I’m not one of the future Pirate King’s top combatants, though, and I am able to control my base desires when the situation calls for it...like, say, when you’re deep in enemy territory and fall for the most obvious trap in history because it’s globally common knowledge that you exclusively think with your dick :luuh:
I agree with this. When you are in the middle of a war and you get distracted and fall for a simple trap even though you have good CoO LOL
Atleast all the Big Mom Pirates can be together. Maybe they'll show up at the capital or wherever Onigashma lands (if it does) in time to pressure the alliance or not. Either way, Elbalf looks a lot more likely.

If Nami gets Zeus and possibly more than Usopp should get armament haki to keep up. It's about time the dude proves himself and he already awakened Observation haki.
Admiral fans shouldn’t be cheering this. Obviously the SN are still gonna have to go through hell to beat Kaido since he’s the big bad, so that means that Kaido alone is likely still stronger than the 5 SN combined
Kaido is also the strongest Yonkou, not just your average one like BM. His feats can't just be spread around otherwise I can use the same argument that you like to use against Sengoku. Big mom can't just stand beside Kaido and expect to share his feats.
WCI simply had way too many cliff hanger endings and they all were false alarms. Wano is suffering from this too. Enies Lobby was fine with it. MF was atrocious.
I would be more tolerant if Oda found better written and more justificated reasons to spare the Straw Hats and their allies from Big Mom and her crew but he just keeps making very silly and bad plot tools to do it such as the Tamatebakko box, Big Mom's food sickness, the wedding cake, Nami getting Zeus, Mother Carmel's picture, the merienda, Brûlée being used by the Straw Hats, the waterfall scenes with Prometheus being absent or Perospero and his siblings not using their powers to effortlessly make their ship cross the waterfall, Big Mom's amnesia with Napoleon doing nothing, this, etc...
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