Greatest Hype In this Chapter?

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I think standing against Hakai has rapidly worsened his state and he used lots of haki to block that attack. That probably prevented him from releasing and using his max strength properly. Not sure if Enma will be a key or simply more of haki release or coating attacks into CoC which Zoro seems to do without realizing, at least in Asura.

Either way, there is a lot of unfinished business for Zoro in Wano. It is also fitting for a black blade despite it feeling too early.
Nobody below the rooftop saw him in Asura either which I think is necessary to be proclaimed new Sword God.
It probably needs to be in front of common folk in the capital and Onigashima doesnt seem to be there yet.
Yeah thats maybe true he against 2 yonko after all, and if no one sacrifice maybe all of SN member on the roof will be wiped immediately.
Yeah got to see the wound slashed by zoro, hope there are more than 1 wound. If just one it got big chance the only weapon wounded zoro was enma.
Yeah there is a chance zoro will become next legend swordman from wano, thats why i ve been thinking what if when onigashima on the top of capital city then kaido get chopped by zoro. And his head dropped in the middle of city the hype will really high.
But if kaido die its too good for him, i really want to believe kaido will defeated by kibi dango.
If Luffy Solos Kaido here. Its most likely he will later on in the next arc defeat BM. Cause Kid and Killer haven't shown shit to take on a Yonko.

And if Luffy's solo's all three Yonko by himself like fucking videogame bosses, I'm done with this series.

I'm already tried of every other character getting short end of the stick. Kid is suppose to be his rival and he hasn't done shit and by the looks of it he won't do much.

The answer was him tanking Hakai. Oda needed a reason to remove him from the roof. If he wanted him to be there still, he wouldn't have written an event where Zoro was used to be a shield and remove him from the fight.

That's why it seems so "uneventful". Unfortunately, I don't think it means what people want it to be but that's whatever you want to believe.
Yeah thats right, maybe if oda too excited making zoro stay there the fight will end up zoro too op for other character in the universe.
Oda's strategy is always make each fanbase to fight each other, each and every chapter, so many people here were distracted and wanking off thier favorite dude all weeks long until no one would see the real issue here.., that left very few of us left to see how absurd Oda make Luffy's growth is.., he's like what..?, 18..?, and he's on track to match absolute peak veteran natural born monsters who's been experienced from fighting for decades.., how is this even acceptable at the slightest..??

Oda can do it because there are many fans who don't care about the story but just want to see powerup. But it is a big let down for people who enjoys One Piece lore and variety. I remember the time when I think Nami weather control, invincible Cyborg Franky, or rumble points system were cool. Now, they are just pieces of trash compare to Luffy who has Haki that answers everything and disadvantage to sharp weapon is also gone. And this rookie is gonna trash the legendary Yonko who went through countless war and regarded as World strongest.... it is very hard to ignore this crappy plot.
I knew Luffy was eventually going to solo Kaido, and Zoro was fighting King, but I have no idea wtf is happening with Big Mom.

Seriously, is Oda just making it up as he goes with BM? It feels like he doesn't himself wtf he's gonna do.
Its beyond imagination how strong kaido is...

He started Fighting when? 20 chapters before against the scabbards? Its Just INSANE.

It Will take the length of an Arc Just to bring kaido down since he started Fighting.

Kaido wont go down until ALL the fights below are finished, and the fights bellow are starting, some not even that...just imagine...

And its kind cute some people think that this 1v1 Will be the final round, haha not even close... Yamato still have to face her father as Well , and luffy can look good for a chapter or two but than...massacre.

And fantastic job of ALL the SN, zoro is a beast with no limits, kid and killer did very good too and still Fighting a yonko, Law was such a Key element ALL the chapters, did Amazing, and luffy is Just Fighting a yonko by more is to be Said.
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