Break Week One Piece - Chapter 966: Whitebeard and Roger

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Every so often Oda throws in a chapter as a test to the fandom's reading comprehension and each time the fandom fails miserably lmfao.

The entire confrontation was a meme. No Roger/Oden are not vastly superior to Rayleigh + Gaban, it was a joke. No the Roger Pirates are not equal to the Whitebeard Pirates, it was not serious.

If it were serious, none of the fodder would have any injuries because they would've been unconscious the entire battle thanks to Roger and Rayleigh's CoC. If it were serious, the island would not exist and Roger/Whitebeard would come out with far more than a papercut each. If anything, all it shows is how much the Roger Pirates were holding back considering all the WB pirates were bandaged meanwhile Rayleigh and Scopper were unscathed. It's an Oden flashback, Oda's not gonna make him look bad vs anyone, not even the strongest of all times.

Now what the chapter did tell us is that Gaban is not irrelevant (first time seeing it in canon), and finally confirm that Zoro's sword leaking Haki was a hint at an advanced stage of CoA only Roger/Whitebeard have shown and not just some random design choice. Interesting stuff :wonderland:


The only one who can beat me is me
Oden Vs Shutenmaru
Oden Vs Roger pirates

Except the clash itself, the implications are rather disappointing. These were basically friendly crews who took a piss rivaling each other for whatever reason that may be, never really serious fights. We do not see the demon Roger supposedly can become, or WB going fully at it.
While I did enjoy the clash and it was nice to confirm WB already has gura,this was a joke of a fight,lmao . Not even multiple bandages to show severity of the fight. Just some stickers.

This is how they should have looked in the end

What a letdown ..
It was play fighting which is why no one should put any stock into this. Imagine how awkward it would be if someone killed their opponent by mistake. You couldn't get all buddy buddy with each other afterwards. Knowing that you would almost have to make sure to pull your punches. Heck the strongest of Roger's crew look like they didn't even fight.

WB and Roger weren't true competitors. Just friends acting like they were serious when they aren't. Which is a bit disappointing but can't say I didn't see that coming miles away.
@Sentinel "Roger is clearly NOT a swordsman.
Heck, even that character, which you admire so much, doesn't give a single fuck about Roger being a swordsman or one of his goals to surpass.
Just tell me if you are done daydreaming about that, okay? "

Denial through the roof².
Roger clearly is a swordsman. Are you blind? He just dealt with both Oden and WB as a swordsman. There is no gunman Roger in this chapter. Holding a gun on his ship and pointing it at Shiki who is back at his ship doesnt make Roger a gunman, hilarious.
Why would the Grandmaster give a single fuck about a deadman? :milaugh:
Your denial is simply pathetic.
Pretty meh chapter. I enjoyed seeing Skypeia at least.
Road Star
Lone Star
Ace was dressed like a cowboy
Stars are in space
NASA’s headquarters are in Texas
America was the first country on the moon
Enel found those carvings on the moon
The other poneglyphs triangulate an X and Y coordinate but not a Z coordinate
One Piece is on the moon
Baby Teach is seen crying at the moon.
He can't sleep. The moon is keeping him awake.
Teach spends his life seeking out a DF with the greatest gravitational force and then the most destructive DF.
Teach is going to destroy One Piece, which is also the Moon.
Denial through the roof².
Nice try: Moreover, the OP lore obviously would have mentioned an important fact like that at least ONCE -> Roger being a swordsman -> the previous WSS -> Mihawk the next WSS and thus, Roger's successor.
But: Mihawk wasn't portrayed to be on par with Roger or Whitebeard...

Denial through the roof^10.

No, I am not blind and no, Illogical87, I don't have a Zoro pillar either, nor do I read Zoro Piece; saying Roger is a swordsman based on two panels is nothing but nonsense.

He just dealt with both Oden and WB as a swordsman.
Tell me something new, Illogical87.

There is no gunman Roger in this chapter.
And there's no swordsman Roger against Shiki.
Back to square one. ;)

Holding a gun on his ship and pointing it at Shiki who is back at his ship doesnt make Roger a gunman, hilarious
Neither does him holding and using a sword against WB make a swordsman.

Besides, "B-b-but Roger didn't shot with that gun! :(" fuck, I didn't know that Roger was just posing with his gun. Silly me. =/

Why would the Grandmaster give a single fuck about a deadman?
His goal it is to become the greatest swordsman ever; hence, surpassing every single swordsman, if dead or alive, is Zoro's goal.
You describe yourself as a big Zoro fan and yet, you don't even know the goal of your beloved character. What a huge joke.
It feels like Blackbeard will be a crybaby similarly to Obito. Destroying the world and drowning it into chaos because...he couldn't sleep?
Hope Im becomes the final villain in this case.

And lol at people who think Zoro will surpass Roger. This isn't Zolo Piece.
You don't invent a character who is a secret (immortal?) king, in possession of the rinnegan and holds ill intent for the best side-character in the series without intending to make them the FV. Imu-sama is going to mid diff Marshall D. Tears.
Lol at Roger running by Rayleigh and Gaban goofily just to casually one shot Oden out of the fight
Also funny how Roger and WB seemed to get along quite well, but the crew giving each other the stink eye
Amazing chapter. WB with the gura gura confirmed, yet the only time we‘ve seem him use it was during him being angered
now THIS is what i call a one piece chapter. it has legendary fights, a kooky ninja, awesomeness, it was funny, badass, nice, epic and cool all rolled into one. and also heartwarming. oden is such like luffy. and one thing i noticed is oden and whitebeards reaction was like ace and sabo when roger announced the same catchphrase as luffy did. which is king of pirates. i love one piece and i want it to carry on for at least 10 more years! theres still a load more to go. carry on oda you can do it. im going to read it all!
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