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@Chrono isn't a Fraud.
Most of you were thinking and talking about Zoro clashing or fighting King.
So STFU and respect pls.
@Chrono doesn’t deserve respect, all he spews is biased hate towards a character regardless of what they do, and his predictions are wrong always

that’s why he’s not here, because all the sanjicucks reach so hard at a character even Oda dislikes to get smacked down to reality
I think there is a chance of this happening(at least something similar). Kaido pretty much is setting up the stage in wano with audience, and they might get to see Ryuuma 2.0.
Zoro didn't take down: Crocodile, Enel, Lucci, Kuma, Doflamingo
Zoro attacked: mildly roided Hody (and still didn't take him down, nor even fight him in his final form)
Not looking good for ZKK.

Luffy has claimed him, and this arc is centred around 10 years of real time of Luffy challenging the yonko and let me remind you Luffy is the main character...

Ryuma killed a western dragon not an eastern dragon like kaido.

Zoro is simultaneously the best inheritor of Oden's will due to Enma, but also the greatest inheritor of Ryuma despite giving back Shusui back to Wano.
In truth he is closer to Ryuma as a direct relative of his, but he carrys his own will.
Momo (and Luffy as his direct ally) are far more alligned with carrying Oden's will in this fight, and that is ok.
Apoo might have distracted him before Zoro's attack that we dont know but we see a panel of Zoro alone fucking him up

Im pretty sure they would've stated that Drake and Zoro took out Apoo if it was the case
Ehh...dont take my words for granted. Zoro just looks to far to the left. It seems like his sharing the panel with someone else. But whatever lets wait for the pics

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It makes sense now that Zoro isn't in this pic. Can't have the hunter and the hunted together like that.
fan art? If its official there is a chance :milaugh:
It’s because Big Mom at the beginning of the arc said she doesn’t have three creatures on her island. Kings race, Giants, and Dragons (confirmed to me after Yamato has two fangs and three teeth in between like dragon Kaido)
Is BM really said 3 race? I think she just ssid 1 race n that is kings race. Which chapter she say its 3 race?
And Zorocucks believe that someone who is struggling against fucking Hawkins in a clash is gonna kill Kaidou...
And sanji fans who think he is gonna take queen or king when he couldn't take P1, didn't get a single W since 4 years ? Lol he left his captain for a pussy again when he said he is gonna help luffy reach the top and he is gonna be a punching ball lol! Better pray someone else will come to save his ass, because it's gonna look ugly.
Zoro is striking W everywhere and if side characters like kidd, law have a chance why not zoro ? oh yes the sanji fans who are wrong every weeks said it's not gonna happen :josad:
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