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The Towniest Townie!
Final Vote -

Fujishiro – Marimo > RheanaeL > Seraphoenix > Jew D. Boy
Flower – Fujishiro
Seraphoenix – Fujishiro > Flower
LuthonTheDragDown – Jew D. Boy > RheanaeL > Fujishiro
Typo – Fujishiro
Finalbeta – Jew D. Boy > Fujishiro
Marimo_420 – Fujishiro
Tris – Fujishiro

Fujishiro – 6
Jew D. Boy / Flower – 1​


The Towniest Townie!
@Fujishiro [Marshall D. Teach] has been lynched!​

You are Marshall D. Teach!

[Passive - Amplified Pain] - Blackbeard's Yami Yami no mi is unlike other logia devil fruits because of how he cannot become intangible. In fact, any attack he takes is much more harmful than it normally should be. Whenever he is role-blocked, it will be upgraded to a role-crush.
---[Infinite Amount of Space] - Although attacks get amplified when targeted, he is still capable of receiving a ton of damage and doesn't get knocked out. Blackbeard is bulletproof and has a 1-shot super-bulletproof. However, if super-killed, he will survive, but it will consume this passive.

[Passive - Abnormal Body Structure] - Teach's body is strange in the way that it allows him to eat two devil fruits and survive, while normally, you would explode! Each cycle, the first positive action targeting him will fail and he will absorb it as a one-shot. He will learn who targeted him.

[Active - Power Nullification] - Blackbeard possesses a terrifying ability in that he can nullify the powers of devil fruit users as long as he touches them. He may target a player during the night to nullify their powers, subsequently role-crushing for the remainder of the game. However, in order to maintain this lasting role-crush, he must keep his vote on the player for the remainder of the game. If he doesn't, the role-crush effect will disappear until he crushes them again. He can only role-crush one player at a time.

[Active - Black Hole] - Using his Yami powers, Teach can create a black hole under the lynch platform for the next day phase. The next player to be lynched will have their role be janitored and Teach will absorb all their active abilities as a one-shot to use. [1-shot]

[Active - Gravitational Pull] - During the day phase, Teach may use the gravity powers of his devil fruit to pull another player in the thread close to him. As a result, their next action the following night will fail and he will kill that player.

Wincon: Eliminate all the players in the game.​
It is now Night 3.
You have 24 hours to submit your actions.
Day 4 will not begin until Monday at 10:30 AM EST.
Night 3 still ends 24 hours tomorrow.
Use that extra time as a break.



The Towniest Townie!
@Typo [Portgas D. Ace] has been executed!​

You are Portgas D. Ace!
[Passive - Set to be Executed] - Ace has been captured by the Marines and chained up to be executed. As a result, Ace's abilities are locked and hidden until he is freed. If he is not rescued by the Start of Day 4, Ace will be executed and die.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town

@LuthonTheDragDown [Monkey D. Luffy] has been super-killed.​

You are Monkey D. Luffy!
[Passive - Don't Let The Kid Die] - Whitebeard has ordered his subordinates to not let Luffy die midset of this war, he must make it to the new era. As such, the first time he is the lynch target at any given point, a random player will be lynched in his stead. However, in the event that Luffy claims his role or character in the game-thread, he will lose this passive.

[Passive - Determined] - Luffy had made a firm decision and resolved to save his brother no matter what and refuses to let anyone talk him out of this. He's immune to vote manipulation and his actions will always find their target.

[Active - Gomu Gomu No Mi] - A supernatural ability bestowed upon Luffy by the Devil Fruit. It allows him to extend his body parts to few dozen meters, he can use them in a number of creative ways. Each night, Luffy may choose how to utilize his devil fruit power. He can stretch his arms to wrap them around his targets, blocking them from performing any action. Alternatively, he can use them as a trap surrounding his target and will learn who visited his target that night.
--- [Gear 2nd] - Each Day phase Luffy may activate gear second and his actions the following night phase will be role-block immune. [1-Cycle Cooldown]
--- [Gear 3rd] - Gear third is another powerful form that Luffy has. He may use this to target a player of his choice, super killing them and janitoring their role. As a side effect of its use, Luffy will be unable to perform an action the following cycle and he may not use any other ability alongside this one. [1-Shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town

@Lindltaylor [Boa Hancock] has been killed.​

You are Boa Hancock!

[Passive - Guilty] - Due to her association to the World Government as a Shichibukai, Hancock shows up as [Guilty] in investigations.

[Passive - Luffy] - Monkey D. Luffy, the only man she loved in the world. It's her first time ever loving someone. She used not to know the intricacies of loving someone so dearly. She'd go at great length to protect Luffy, and she doesn't hesitate to make any rash decisions if it means to keep him safe. As such Luffy must survive the game for Boa Hancock to accomplish a part of wincon. For as long as you are alive, Luffy will be immune to regular attacks.

[Active - Unparalleled Beauty] - Boa Hancock's beauty is second to none in the One Piece World for all men fall in love with her just upon sight. At night, she may target a player and invite them to support her. If they accept, they will gain a private chat and may communicate the following cycle. To refuse, however, would be refusing her beauty which is nigh impossible to do. If a player does refuse, Hancock will learn the player's alignment.

[Active - Mero Mero no Mi] - Each night, Hancock may use her devil fruit power to transform the target into stone. She will role-crush them for the cycle. If she targets the same player twice in a row, with a 50% chance of success she will attempt to kill them.

Primary Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
Secondary Wincon
- Luffy must survive the End Game​
It is now Day 4.
You have 24-hours to discuss.

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