What series are you watching ?

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Simpel Down Resident.
possibly Scrubs are ahead of it :goyea:
Massive respect for the Scrubs love! One of my all time favourite shows ever! So hilarious, heartfelt, emotional and well acted! It legit makes you cry at times but also laugh so hard too. Amazing show.

On the last 4 episodes of Better Call Saul now.
The death of Howard
has really hit me hard, even though I was already partially spoiled on it and I've been spoiled on some other stuff I've yet to see but what a hell of a ride this show has been.

I also didn't know how
Chuck died or when, but I was spoiled slightly on that he dies and I expected it too. Seeing how and why he dies was fucking gut-wrenching.

Its crazy how certain actors were just sitcom actors, only known for comedic roles but they displayed such incredible emotion, believable angst/anguish/sorrow and such in this show. They felt truly human and compelling. Both BCS and Breaking Bad have astounding actors honestly. Same with Scrubs and I would say a certain other show I really love a lot too called Pushing Daisies.

In fact my Top 5 (non-anime or cartoon, so just live action really) shows are Scrubs, Pushing Daisies, X-Files, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad in tha order but not 100% set in that order either.
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Finished Last of Us, good adaptation in the end but, maybe it´s subjective, it felt like they were going through a checklist of scenes, dialogue and so forth they had to include, did not really feel entirely natural.

Cutty Jewboy

I Can Go Lower
Made the tremendous, indefensible choice to watch through American Dad from the beginning…17 fucking seasons and not a single funny line after the eighth or ninth, Roger and Klaus are my two least favorite characters in all of fiction. I enjoyed the earlier seasons when they were airing, but I dropped off for more than a decade and now I remember why. 3/10, great background noise for when you leave your dogs at home but not much good otherwise.