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What could Sanji be making this facial expression at

  • Black Maria and Co.

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  • Projectiles

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  • Scarbbards

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Most likely Black Maria and friends had some hidden surprises Sanji wasn't able to foresee, that is the only explanation for him to turning from glee to running away. Anyway I expected Robin to go save him but avtually she is with the CP0 so boh. Nami is doing other things so no idea. Maybe Sanji will save himself from Black maria and co on his own (even if that didn't happen with kalifa which is the closest situation to this one as far as we know).


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I don't expect anything of groundbreaking about what he saw. The best of the odds fall down to a girl.... literally going from character and current manga plot knowledge at least.
Blacktooth has whipped his cock out and is chasing him, giving Sanji flashbacks of the timeskip.

The general context of the page was about the fight with the executives, and it only showed the Strawhats who were actually doing that, not Chopper, Robin or Brook. Plus Yamato, who’s placement there could be overanalysed, but that’s a separate topic entirely.

That implies it is just him running from Black Maria. Why he looks so panicked is interesting- he‘s looking behind him, not in front of him, so he’s probably running from something, not towards. That makes it unlikely he’s running to the Scabbards. I think it would be funny if Black Maria is the first woman that Sanji is genuinely terrified of because she’s a spider, so ai’ll go for that.
I don't think that means those 3 won't. Very clearly Brook/Robin are going up the mansion for some reason, and Sanji 100% won't fight Black Maria, so there's that. Really its only implied Ulti is fighting Nami/Usopp, which entirely could leave Page 1 for Chopper