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    Future Events Zoro and Sanji are going to have the same bounty post Wano

    Who cares about bounties when Oda shows us the difference with Zoros vastly superior feats
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    Future Events Zoro's immediate future

    Fantastic post. It's interesting how Luffy is allowed to get his ass handed to him, like what 3 times now? But as soon as Zoro gets taken out by two Yokno no less, he's 'done enough' and supposed to give up something he's been talking about all arc. Now I understand the reservations, some...
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    Current Events Will Sanji do something against Kaido

    Didn't they do it with their haki infused swordsmanship? I forget the exact moment Sanji became a swordsman, please remind me. Or do you mean that thing Raizo did and the scroll, where he used Kaidos own breath against him? Again, to my knowledge, Sanji can't do that either. When it took Luffy...
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    Current Events Will Sanji do something against Kaido

    Do you know what's interesting about some Sanjifans? Is that they do their utmost to attach anything Zoro does to Sanji. Like clockwork. No longer can they deny Zoros involvement with Kaido so now they try to squeeze Sanji in their too. Little do they know that it just proves their own...