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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    Renpa has bladder control?! LOL damn You kakukai for making FAKE NEWS :nicagesmile: and as predicted all zhao citizen harbor deep grudge to qin and kanki looks like kanki massacre is blunder eh :myman:
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    Powers & Abilities Haki should have been properly introduced at the beginning of the series

    purpose of haki originally to counter logia fruit and decrease fooder by make them faint. but .... yeah in the end too much idea make haki very very convoluted :kayneshrug:
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    Future Events How mad would you be if Oda ended both Zoro's and Sanji's fight in the same chapter?

    no problem for me but after oda hype king and tease his backstory from queen i think it,s impossible .... maybe sanji will finish queen first
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    Chapter Discussion Record of Ragnarok Chapter 56 - King Vs King

    that,s a good theory! and qin shi huang according to history is obsessed with immortality and attempt to get elixir of immortality in the end the mercury that poisoned him to death .... Foreshadowing much that Hades will win ??? "even the Great Emperor Of China cannot defeat Death" but the...
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    Chapter Discussion One Punch Man Chapter 153 : FORFEIT

    murata really made this God Reveal As Epic As Possible :finally::finally::finally:
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    Questions & Mysteries What "Kingly ambitions" do AdmiraLs have?

    Absolute Justice for the World but i think fujitora and ryougoku have different "ambitions"
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    Questions & Mysteries If Drake is really the 1% percent man who will put him in critical condition

    cp 0 but i don,t fully trust hawkins cards nowdays :tchpepe:
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    Questions & Mysteries R.I.P King got bleeding by Marco

    looks like oda don,t put sfx blood for king or maybe oda forget about it :kayneshrug: gonna wait color pages for final decision tbh
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    Chapter Discussion Black Clover - Chapter 315 - Ultra Giant Showdown

    giant mecha-kaiju battle looks so awesome in magic land :finally:
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    Current Events King has ACoC too and it was foreshadowed back then

    CoC yes but advance Coc ? doubt it because if yes then king is surpass kaido durable body,flame creation, explosion body,ancient zoan,awakening zoan .... jezz isn,t it too much oda :crazwhat:
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    Powers & Abilities There Can no Longer be Any Doubt; Mihawk is a Conqueror

    that meme is AWESOME i read all of it :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh: LOL
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    Character Discussion What "Kingly ambitions" does Sanji has?

    so far... none but sanji character development is not finished yet gonna wait oda have in store for him ... if oda really want to go to "evil sanji route" and made him black hair sanji maybe he will have kingly ambition to over throw his fater and rule germa kingdom to use his clone army to...
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    Chapter Discussion My Hero Academia - Chapter 335 : Fledgling

    finally !!! after 335 chapter we can go back to the traitor :finally: still suspect one of the teachers ... doubt AFO going to close with one of the students although there is minor possibility
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    Powers & Abilities Remember when people saying that Sanji will keep his RS till the end of One Piece?

    so, what is purpose of raid suit then? to awaken judge genes inside of him? but then what about sora sacrifice ? if sanji really change into evil sanji is sora sacrifice meaningless? dunno man but sanji power up is the Most Convoluted power up i see in one piece :jay-he: first oda give sanji RS...