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    Controversial Remember when people said Killer would get a higher bounty than Sanji for beating Hawkins, the 320 million bounty headliner?

    I don't think Killer's bounty hits the billion mark. I might be a little bit lower than Robin's bounty.
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    Questions & Mysteries King/queen and zoro/sanji bounties if they were solo

    Nami, Brook, Usopp, and Franky got the flat fee bounty boost. Everyone else got a boost based on who they defeated in Wano. Honestly, Franky should not have the flat fee bounty boost. He defeated a Tobi Roppo. His bounty should be higher. Pirates fear Zoro, Sanji, Jinbe and Luffy. The govt...
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    Questions & Mysteries How much would Yamato be worth? Considering that she´s stronger than Sanji, Jinbe and equal to Zoro

    200 million beries. Yamato does not have the infamy to be considered more than that. Also she is not stronger the Zoro and Sanji. Stop the madness.
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    General & Others Act 3’s biggest problem is that the Alliance wasn't following any kind of plan

    Wano biggest failure was that the Beast Pirates got dog walked by the Alliance. Big Mom pirates in Whole Cake Arc were legit badasses. Whitebeard pirates during Marineford were legit badasses. The Beast pirates were pussies with deformed DFs..
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    General & Others Does Wano have the worst arc ending in One Piece?

    When the raid began, that was the downward spiral for the Wano arc.
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    Future Events Future Doses Of Copium When Sanji Fights/Beats An Admiral.

    An admiral beating up somebody Sanji already defeated. Sounds like Ryokugyu is prepping for the Prince.
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    Future Events Future Doses Of Copium When Sanji Fights/Beats An Admiral.

    Sounds like coping to me. Sanji is a billion beri pirate. Put some respect on the Prince's name.
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    Future Events Future Doses Of Copium When Sanji Fights/Beats An Admiral.

    This is my favorite..........but but but Sanji's dream is not strength base. He's just a cook.
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    General & Others Would you have preferred Elbaf?

    Elbaf would be tricky to write. People always talking about how match ups are going to happen. How in the world are you going to have match ups with giants. We did not get decent match ups in Wano.
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    Character Discussion Are You Still upset about Sanjis Role in WCI?

    As character development goes, I had no issue with that. My gripe was that he did not have a 1 v 1 fight. He is one of Luffy's top fighters and Oda did not even bother writing Sanji having a 1 on 1 fight. He gave Luffy two Sweet Commander fights, but Sanji could not get a single fight. Big...
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    Speculations Are the reason Wano arc become so bad is because of Netflix?

    Netflix has nothing to do with Wano being a disappointment. The hype Oda created for Wano fell flat when he started the arc. Hopefully he learns from this going forward.
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    Current Events What are the arguments for Killer getting a higher bounty than Sanji?

    I would be shocked if its over a billion but if it is, it will probably be 1,022,000,000. A play on his birthday. Still lower than Sanji but respectable.
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    General & Others Bounty Discussion and Speculation

    Blackbeard's initial bounty isn't really a problem. He new bounty is questionable because we don't know what he did to get it raised. Kid, Law and Luffy took down Kaido and Big Mom. The Warlords lost their status and evaded capture from the Marines. What did Blackbeard do??? We could have...
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    Character Discussion A reason to why Kaido didn't use Awakening..

    You can't tell me a pirate of Kaido's caliber with a legendary DF hasn't awakened his devil fruit. Kaido didn't use awakening because of poor writing. The same reason we never saw Kid use his conqueror's haki. Poor writing.