How will the Supernovas fare against Hybrid Kaido?

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You talk about “accepting basic manga knowledge” and then bring this fanfiction.

Nothing suggests differently except for the fact that both of Luffy’s attacks buried Kaido and Zoro’s have done absolutely nothing in comparison.
Zoro's attack made Kaido bleed, buried or not, which is not even the accurate choice of word here, does not matter, not a damage output per se and not even a good indicator of superior AP. The only clear cut indicator of superior AP occurred within the portraying of Hiryuu Kaen.

You say Hiryuu Kaen constituting the strongest attack is fanfic so there's no help in this conversation..... not even Big Mom's portrayal and the likely reason why Kaido is going Hybrid made you change your mind....
According to my limited knowledge of "Go", the white pieces on the board in front of the CP0 agents are surrounded and checkmated by the black ones. Does that mean the alliance is already checkmated and is guaranteed to lose unless something surprising happens or someone intervenes to help them?
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Nope. Look out and dodge are not the same thing I english dictionary. Just because he is a translator doesn't mean meaning of the word will change. He clearly translated as look out instead of dodge. Dodge means dodge, don't take attack. Look out means be careful about whatever is coming to you. Means he can dodge, defend or counter. Not the same.
The map is not the territory. If a dictionary says something and people use it the other way, the dictionary is wrong. Just like if a map says something exists and it doesn't, it is the map that is wrong. Period.
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