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We know oden used Adv Coc here to permanently scar kaido,and even shanks divine departure looks similar their is no lightning leaking from the swords but its around kidd. Zoro attacking lucci looks similar to both of the other attacks. Instead of focusing on zoro vs king look at how oda did the others as well.
I swear to god Zoro fans are suffering from brainrot

Zoro used a top tier level attack, just take your W and stop this nonsense about it only being CoA.
When your reading a story the in story logic and reasoning as to why things are happening are way more important than meta

Blaming meta for idk luffy running out of g4 right before he could have beat g4 doesn’t matter
The reason just like the reason for everything in a story is meta

Doesn’t change the fact it happened and that there are in verse reasons. Blaming meta or plot only for the things you don’t like makes no sense cause everything is meta/plot
Wait, are you arguing that Zoro used KoH, did nothing to Lucci with it, somehow downgraded all the way back to Nitoryu against someone who can take KoH, and then twenty minutes later he oneshot said KoH-level opponent with a single basic-ass santouryu technique?

Sure, he is no good as he was in WCI against Aokiji. But why would he stay at the same level when Smoker, Coby, Crocodile, the SHP, Lucci, Kaku, Supernova and others have got stronger?

The one thing holding him back was Big Mom "I don't need the help of a lowly child of mine". He already has AdCoO. He has CoC. He also had some sort of AdCoA or semi advanced CoA with his Block Mochi. And he is awakened. In my view the sky is the limit for this guy.
Oda hypes Admirals too much don't expect something else


The only one who can beat me is me
Gorosei doesn’t even have a yonko-esque aura to them like idk. Are these really the endgame villains lol?
Would have expected something more threatening but we got Nika facing all 5 at once and pancaking Saturn with another top-tier earlier lol
Imagine Akainu, Kizaru, Aokiji, Greenbull, Fujitora all pulling up and going berserk on the island.

People are tryna tell me the dudes who pulled up are above that, but the aura isn't there.

Even though Gorosei were sick this chapter, Ghandi is carrying too as expected.
I appreciate those more who openly admits that they don't like zoro much and thus biased than likes of you who hide behind the veil of oda's writing to shit on zoro
Is his writing not absolutely horrendous?
Did OP not become a clownfest ever since nika reveal?
Is Nika not hogging the spot light constantly?
Whatever fucking thing Zoro does, oda will make luffy do something 10 times more impressive. How the fuck am i supposed to keep believing in Zoro if he's gonna give him these trash fights?
I swear to god Zoro fans are suffering from brainrot

Zoro used a top tier level attack, just take your W and stop this nonsense about it only being CoA.
Yea i don't get some of them saying its only CoA maybe it's just agenda piece. I get that its different than him using it vs king but oda has also depicted other swordsmen using advcoc and its different than zoro that has to be factored in it can't just be ignored.
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