a flashback to ryuma's grave hopefully :lusalty:
Yes 🙏probably a talk with tashigi Maybe she telling him why he gave shusui and also why he is still with sandai Maybe a romantic scene could be develop with that she was the one who gave him sandai :blush:
But i was also referring to power UPS it could be black blades 1053 chapter hint or ice attacks like Brook I saw that in a game:goyea:
Those toxic cringe number 4 tards from Twitter always editing panels🤣
Like seriously look how stupid they are 😭
They even trigg themselves 🤣
Law couldn't do that to Hawkins but sure, he's going to take Zoro's swords and cut him in half with his DF, an ability that only works if Law's haki is stronger than Zoro's.
We still need more info on his awakening, if all he does is coat his sword with a room then he loses the ability to teleport himself and others, I'd love to see Law taking on Zoro mano a mano and try to stab him with his sword. :saden: