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Skimming Sod I saw that Psy suspected me for the vote, and I wasn’t active because it was night at me. In my absence the suspicion grew but the reason is the vote and nothing else and I explained the vote a few times already. When I came itt I found out that Prof claimed indy with wincon of killing 4 townies and 2 mafia and also killed Destroya who I found as town at Eod 1, pretending he was Poe.
With one kill each night if town believes him, he will kill the townies first to not upset mafia, and Ratchet was the first defending him and buddying with him and pushing for me to be shot or lynched.
I don't see from Ratchet an attempt to solve me, he just wants me dead.
Prof took Psy's reasoning (that my vote looks the worst in Eod1 wagon) and kept pushing me.
The interaction Prof/Ratchet looks like a pact between 2 scums for me.
Overnight Ratchet tried several pushes, including on Naomi, and when he saw no one follows him he voted me pretending he forgot to vote earlier.
Pockety attitude towards my TRs, buddying with scum and following an easy suspicion on me because I was inactive but without trying to solve me, this is my reason to SR Ratchet
I can understand the read you have on Ratchet and when I look at his posts it doesn't look like he's genuinely solving. You explained today your vote on Flower was because it looked like she was on her scum meta. You should have said this on day 1 why you were suspecting her instead of saying nothing about her. Not saying anything it makes it hard to tell if you even had these thoughts about Flower or not.


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comes up in EoD right as flower is being voted

fast forward his next post is 9 pages later doing fk all about the flower wagon, who he though was townie

Wow, I expected to read much more when I came online again but almost nothing happened since my last post.

Random Asshole and Hero basically just stated "Hi" and nothing else. Not a fan of such inactivity.
Why did you clarify that Cursed Body is your ability then to start with? Seems almost equally needless like Midnight announcing that he has 0 vp or Mr. Reloaded accidentally claiming by mistake. Why are people dooming themselves like that in this round :kaidowhat:

You better focused on scumhunting than making such statements about indies and stuff. Now you have to give us something or otherwise you are very likely to get lynched.
Getting mad at all your voters and then simply going off won´t help either, come on @Flower you can do better than that :pepeke:
@Destroya this is joy's entrance to the EoD shes just snipping at the flower wagon without actually joining it or attempting to stop it and giving sideline commentary on how people should play. she shat talk all the wagons without giving an actual alternative. i can reconcile this if she hasnt read the thread and dont have a preferred direction yet but by her own admission she seem to be caught up as she said "almost nothing happened since my last post" basically just brushing a good chunk of the thread prior to the EoD as nothing.

Is the flower case solid?
What's cursed body do? You did claim it so it can't be anything bad right?

Inb4 flower and Charlie are in a team and is 4D chessing the rest of us :believe:
mono in EoD
first 2 posts r fine = punches first then askes questions while punching. he just voted cuz ultra tagged him to do so which is fine. then he asks flower but angles the post in a way that says hes already town reading her "You did claim it so it can't be anything bad right?"
the last post is just unqualified shade to flower and charlie

still reading EoD. i can reconcile mono as town from the first 2 posts and general willingness to join the wagon and help town achieve something but the last 2 posts tell me he town reads the wagon and then shades it, honestly confused with this slot more than scum reading it in EoD. in his earlier posts during the day where he gave reads he seemed more calculative and the reads were outright copy pasted. needs pressure


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What do you think of Flower?
I mentioned before that I can´t rule out that she was trying to pocket me by giving me a town lean as I was questioning your trio alliance. Not sure about her alignment at all but at the current state she is not of big help for town, all she does is hoping to get turned into an indie, she really needs to give me a reason for me wanting her to stay in the game.

What do you think of her now? Also asking @Pot Goblin as you two formed that alliance with her.

She may kick my butt now as it might feel like stabbing a friend in the back :emohiyo:
However, I can not deny that her wish to get turned into an indie is selfish and not helping town at all. Not too enthusiastic about keeping her around only for her to get culted or turned into hostile indie next night and getting screwed over by her in the end.
this is really fence sitty and it isnt even about current flower, its about what flower COULD have become

Maybe Flower is town and her ability is some kind of wish and Fuji denied it lol
Now I´m even less enthusiastic knowing that something like a wish is at play :whitepress:
another useless filler post


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This Conq wagon kinda stinks.
ah yes joy now steps in to say conq's wagon sux. i actually would like to correct my position about joy a bit, joy was fine with the flower wagon happening with the reasoning being cuz flower MAY turn indie in the future (my initial recollection was that she was against it, but this wasnt true), but then she immediately says conq wagon stinks and the reason was simply this:
Pot joining it without having sussed Conq at any time before for example.

first, joy hasnt established why she reads pot scum, or unfavorably, and she never said the same about flower's wagon when people joined it without having sus on flower previously, so why does she have this reaction on conq's wagon and use pot joining the wagon as a reason?

second, the timing of conq's appearance in itself was sus. he spent the day saying he will catchup then disappeared. immediately appeared when his wagon came about in EoD to call it comical and that he is subbing out. none of this warrants the defense that joy is giving toward this slot

and third, it isnt the first time joy defended conq's slot specifically. joy made this post about conq when prof made his early meta read of conq here:
Ekko / Orwellian and Ratchet / Prof could become interesting.

Don´t know why Prof is sussing (shading?) Conq so early either as nobody knew exactly when the round would start and lots of other players have not showed up either so far.
the first half of this post is busy work, the second half is joy straight up defending conq, an unwarranted, undued defense. if one flips scum, yeet the other


joy opened up in some of her early posts in the game discrediting early town reads by saying how can people have reads this easily etc.. this is scummy approach to keep the PoE large and allow yourself the ability to push players later without looking bad for it, and just overall slow the building of town core. i have seen townies open up their game like this before that are generally distrustful to other players, which is why i wanted to verify if this applies to joy or (see below)
I don´t know what to think about that trio of Flower / Dest / Pot forming so early tbh. Could there indeed be one of them tricking the other two into this alliance? Personally I can not townread any player that fast.
I appreciate being unexpectedly being townread by Flower, although I do not really understand why exactly? @Flower If I was in your position I would not just give me a town pass almost for free. The alliance is also getting a bit big already too.

to verify my suspicion on this behavior, i looked at this town game of joy in OLF to see how she opens up the game and she is perfectly fine with establishing early town reads, in fact her first post was about being all in for the husbando sister alliance thingy, who is all but lacking in this current game
"I don´t know lol what did he do last game? I´m all for the husbando sister alliance working together again but I´d like to know what our statement would be for first^^ "

i have seen enough. this slot is WOLF, conq for primary teammate

vote lynch joy

Players List:

1- @Flower ???/ Lynched Day 1
2- @Naomi
3- @Pot Goblin
4- @Joygirl
5- @Orwellian Trainer Orwellian/ Killed Night 1
6- @Mr. Reloaded
7- @RippedCal
8- @Juliet
9- @Random Asshole
10- @Michelle
11- @Charlie
12- @Kiku
13- @T-Pein™
14- @Sallucion
15- @~UwU~
16- @Psylocke
17- @Ultra Trainer Ultra/ Killed Night 2
18- @Hero
19- @Dr_Professor83
20- @hime
21- @Ratchet
23- @Kagu Nyan Trainer Kagupagu/ Killed Night 1
24- @BakiDou
25- @Alwaysmind
26- @Ekkologix
27- @ConquistadoR
28- @Midnight Delight
29- @MonochromeYoru
30- @Destroya Trainer Destroya/ Killed Night 1 Revived Day 2
31- @MitchMatch


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its 2;15am gna go sleep. almost done with day 1. will try to work my way through day 2 early tomorrow. i strongly think we shud lynch joy

also a portion of my role is confirmed to be updated, and since this is the case i dont mine claiming my former one

i had abilities to steal items from players, and another one to steal pokemons from them, differentiating between items and pokemons

and a passive that stops my shit from being stolen. all those r being updated

gn ^^
@Naomi before i catch up, have you responded to me asking how confident are you about Mitch read? You basically said "and you?" from what i remember.

1-10 where 1 is "idk, he could be town i guess" and 10 is "i'm fully confident he's town and i'll defend him with my life if i need to"
Please Please Please let me get what I want
Depends. Is it my heart? :O

But seriously, are you claiming indie here? What's your wincon?

Need @Flower and @Charlie to change avatar so we can flood top posters with Tanjiro face.
Nah, i have my current avatar in my role sheet. I'd rather keep it consistent.

explain this actually, whats ur read of me now?
That must've been a while ago. I don't sense any buddying rn. Tbh i'd say slight scum rn. Seems like you care more about staying alive more than anything tbh. This Pein read was kinda random too. Like, there are plenty inactives. How Pein is worst than all of them?


wym? ratchet was faking pr entirety of day 1?
He was not faking it, it was real as I already explained everything about it. Prof should have a PR today too but despite me not getting an information that he could not be targetted it became pretty obvious as he started posting normally in this day phase. Unless he´s faking that and breaking the PR on purpose but in that case I should get an information when someone has broken it.

How sold are you on this whole "not backstabbing town"? Like, i love indies and i'd rather help indie that works with town. I mean, i don't expect you to not shoot 4th town if you've killed 3 towns and 1 of each mafia already, but can you promise to me you're not going to randomly kill someone out of PoE for no reason?
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