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Final Vote Count -

Rej – Al Sama > *
Zemmi – Midnight Delight
Akai – Midnight Delight
Kiwipom – Midnight Delight
Usopp – Midnight Delight
Al Sama – Midnight Delight

Total -

Midnight Delight – 5

The Sad Clown -

Clowns were supposed to be happy, jolly people but this clown was a very sad one. Some say it wasn't always the case, they had visited his act on some neighboring island before they arrived here. People used to flock around to the big top hoping to be thrilled by the daring performances, and he never disappointed. It wasn't until he arrived on this Island that everything seemed to change. People looked at him all kind of funny ways, he could feel their eyes as daggers. He tried keeping his cheerful attitude and tell them all about his way of life, how he could purify all of them from their sad routine lives.

That didn't go very well unfortunately, rumors started circling about him being part of some cult. Some said that he sacrificied babies in his tent every night, and used their blood to paint his face. He was devastated. The only thing he wanted in life was to bring joy and happiness to other people, as the Clown Life had brought to him when he was at his lowest.

As he was preparing to leave the Island, a group of islanders barged into his room, tying him up and dragging him out. A townhall had happened earlier that night, and people affected by all these rumors about him wanted him out. Accused of witchcraft, he was immediately sentenced without defending himself when some gigantic shoes and a few special toys used for his acts were found in his room. Dressed in his big baggy trouser, he was hanged in the town square :pepehands:

@Midnight Delight [Clown] has been lynched.​

"The role of a clown and a physician are the same - it's to elevate the possible and to relieve suffering."
You are Clown!

[Passive - Clown Knowledge] - Clown is the only professional fool in town, the only one that really knows the job and has put in the hours. He'll always recognize the works of amateurs. At the end of each cycle, he will learn how many tampered write-ups there has been (if any).
--- [This Is My Corner] - He may select a write-up he thinks has been tampered with, and if correct it will be fixed. Anytime he successfully exposes the works of nefarious acts, he will earn an extra life and his [World Clown Association] invite may not be refused.

[Passive - Clown Costume] - Wearing the freshest costume, our friendly Clown is ready for any bullshit that comes his way. He is super-bullet proof and immune to Role-Crushes.
--- [The Village Idiot] - Everybody knows him, and everybody loves him. He can't hurt a fly. Clown appears as Innocent and he is immune to lie-detectors and role-cops.

[Active - The Circus] - Each cycle, The Clown may target 2 players that have received more than one vote the previous day phase, and show them the way of clowns. Give them a better life. Clown will start by gifting them some clown shoes easing them into their own life. Wearing the shoes, his targets will learn how to take it easy in life and not worry about meaningless votes. They will start the following phase with -1 vote. Alongside his targets, he must choose 5 players in the game. During the following cycle, if any of those players target him, they will instead be redirected to his previous targets.
--- [World Clown Association] - Each cycle after gifting his shoes, Clown may follow it up by gifting them their own Clown Costume and taking them under his wing. They will be offered a new role based on a submission that hasn't made it into the game, with a clown-ish twist. If they accept, they will join him in the [World Clown Association] chat and become his underlings. If they refuse, he will gain a permanent immunity against their votes and actions. He will also learn their full role.

Wincon - The Clowns outnumber the rest.​
The Beginning of The End -
Drago has just finished his cup of tea and when, all of a sudden, his Marine Captain announced that it was time to go back to his post.
[Reserved for further flavor]

The Guardians attempted to kill [???], but failed

The Beautiful Boys have super-killed @Rej [???]

Kurumi Tokisaki used [Seventh Bullet: Zayin] on [???]

Yun Che used [Sky Poison Pearl] on [???]

Kurapika used [Dowsing Chain] on [???], and activated [Holy Chain]

Dr. Robotnik activated [Ultimate Life Form: Shadow the Hedgehog]

Nero used [Blue Queen] on [???]

Usopp activated [Gardening], and used [Cover] on [???]

Yhwach used [Sankt Altar] on [???]

Dracula used [Dark Arts] on [???], [Vampirism] on [???], and [Hypnotism] on [???]

Number Five activated [Teleportation]

Skull Knight used [Swordsmanship] on [???]

Skull Knight activated [Sword of Beherits]

Gojo activated [Unlimited Void] to kill [???], but fails

Raven used [Raven's Nest] on [???]

Kumamon activated [Free Licensing]

Dazai Osamu activated [No Longer Human] to negate [Iron Maiden]; @Fujishiro is alive.

Dazai Osamu used [No Longer Human] on [???] and [???]

Guren activated [Manifestation]

Eiffel Tower used [Restriction] on [???], [???], [???], [???] and [???]

Lara Croft used [Bows] on [???]

Lara Croft activated [Tomb Raider]

Bouya Harumichi activated [Bodyguard] on [???]

Miyamoto Musashi used [Booken] on [???] and [???]

Miyamoto Musashi activated [Musha shugyō] on [???]

Nagato activated [Preta Path]

Griffith activated [Sonia]

MUUGEN activated [Fuck This Place]. He has rage-quit, and deleted his account.


@Random Asshole has replaced Perfect Hie
@Missy has replaced Marimo
@Pantheos has replaced Don DaSlayer

Day 2 begins.
You have 46 hours to decide on a lynch.

Ok guys, this may blow your mind so BE PREPARED:

I'm here and you can see it right?!?
Guess what!

In the first place it's because I didn't disclose the full story about my Superkill ability. I didn't lie about the fact that its usage had vanillaised me, didn't lie about my nerfs either, however my Superkill ability also mentioned that after its activation all actions will have missed me FOR A FULL CYCLE! This condition is part of the ability. I was basically in flying mode thanks to my character's wings, immune from any potential action hurled against me for the remainder of the cycle! The flight is precisely what exhausted my character, transforming it into a Vanilla!

So why did I shoot Fujishiro/Vergo? Because my plan was to attract scums upon myself, to make them hit me with their actions, EXPECIALLY THEIR KILLS. And what's better than performing a Superkill and then simulate that you are vulnerable, and on top of it performing it on an announced character that decidedly looks like a big fish to make it look like my bounty had skyrocketed even more (on top of my powerful character's set bounty) all of a sudden AT SUCH AN EARLY GAME STAGE? I suppose you are going to say: "why didn't you claim your Superkill immediately since scums wouldn't immediately know it was you to shoot Vergo and so they wouldn't have any peculiar reason to hit you in particular?" Well I was not immune to lynches, so I didn't want to sound too strange during that phase and stultify all! I made sure to wait for the propitious moment to claim and did it mid-day by taking advantage of the fact I was being heavily scum read, and subsequentially pulled off a lie about my vulnerability to make sure the scums would visit me and waste their actions on me! So basically yes I know I asked for protection (which is by the way the same technique I used to attract scums in a past game in which I WAS TOWN), but that was totally an integral part of the plan! I wanted to sound LIKE A SPOILT LITTLE MUG, and this is how it supposedly went!

The point of shooting Fujishiro was to make my bounty look like skyrocketing even further inclusively with that occurring at such an early game stage at the same time, all of which would have supposedly triggered scums onto me.

Now: if you are a townie and you visited me PLEASE DO NOT REVEAL YOUR MISSED ACTION ON ME, that would only prove detrimental to Town for patent reasons.

And this opens up to a question by the way: how did Tris know that it was me to Superkill Vergo exactly? And in general try to take a glance at the people who sussed me so far throughout the duration of the game, specifically from the time the Superkill occurred! Why was I picked as elder? I also recall Usopp had been fishing for my full role at some point during the last night by the way. Kiwipom suggesting I was Indie Killer.


That is it folks.



Welcome new players!!! There is our answer we have a mafia it seems. Though I'm not sure what color purple usually means.

Also I think the Council did a great job, even though it was rocky.
One more thing:

The last write up mentioned that Midnight should have picked 2 players from D0 wielding more than 1 final vote and show them the clownie way, so the possibilities are the following: Rej/Michelle/(Dragomir)/SinOfGreed.

Rej attempted to lynch AL sama instead of Midnight after heavily sussing oddoddfruit, that may be something indeed. Which does not imply that AL sama cannot be Mafia at all.

It is very logical that Mafia would want Midnight dead and lynched actually!



I will never forgive Oda
So why did I shoot Fujishiro/Vergo? Because my plan was to attract scums upon myself, to make them hit me with their actions, EXPECIALLY THEIR KILLS. And what's better than performing a Superkill and then simulate that you are vulnerable, and on top of it performing it on an announced character that decidedly looks like a big fish
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