[FNZ] Salem of Lies Round 09: Throne of Lies

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Host: @Dragomir
-All forms of claiming are legal and will have no restriction whatsoever. That being said, don't get carried away like in AL's ToS game. It will ruin the game.
-To vote, you must write Vote X Player(I don't care if you have the "lynch" part or not). Votes without bolding will still be counted but please bold anyway so I can see it. I will not apologize if I miss an unbolded vote. Lastly, unvoting is not necessary to change your vote.
-The game will have a Day start. Each phase will last for 24-hours(I may shorten this as we get closer to the endgame).
-You must post at least 5 times in order to be considered active. Failure to do so once will lead to a mod-block. Failure to do so twice will lead to a substitution or a mod-kill.
-Please do not angle-shoot. If you are unsure whether or not what you're about to post is angle-shooting then just ask me in PM. Angle-shooting once will lead to a warning. Do it twice and I'll take away your vote power. Three times or more and you will be mod-killed on the spot.
-I will answer all questions in PM(unless they pertain to the overall setup of the game).

Please refer back to the signups thread to get another overview of how the game works. Visit this wiki site to see all the roles and the mechanics.

The Court:
1. @LANJI CUCKSMOKE - Mercenary - Killed N5
2. @Queen - Physician - Killed N6
3. @krogothwolf - Prince - Killed N3
4. @Seraphoenix - Butler - Killed N6
5. @Flower
6. @Finalbeta @LANJI CUCKSMOKE V2
7. @Reborn
8. @AL sama @Dark Admiral V2 - Knight - Lynched D4
9. @Cinera - Butler - Killed N6
10. @Kiwipom
11. @Yo Tan Wa - Ritualist - Lynched D7
12. @TheAncientCenturion - Sorcerer - Lynched D3
13. @Power @Hawks - Seeker - Lynched D5
14. @Dark Admiral - Knight - Lynched D1
15. @Fiji - Observer - Mod-killed D3
16. @Chrono - Drunk - Mod-killed D3
17. @Inflamed Haki - Noble - Mod-killed D3
18. @Natalija
19. @Zoro D Goat - Maid - Lynched D6
20. @NeutralWatcher

Do Not Post
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Vote Tallies
Do not ask me for a vote count. I will give a vote tally every other 6 hours. Meaning, there will be 4 vote tallies posted in each phase. One at the 6-hour mark, one at the 12-hour mark, one at the 18-hour mark, and the last one at EoD. I won't meet each time perfectly, but I will try my best.

Day 1 [1] [2] [3] [4]
Day 2 [
1] [2] [3] [4]
Day 3 [
1] [2] [3] [4]
Day 4 [skipped] [
2] [skipped] [4]

Write-ups & Phases
Game Start
Day 1 Lynch/Night 1 Begins
Night 1 Ends/Day 2 Begins
Day 2 Lynch/Night 2 Begins
Night 2 Ends/Day 3 Begins
Day 3 Lynch/Night 3 Begins
Night 3 Ends/Day 4 Begins
Day 4 Lynch/Night 4 Begins
Night 4 Ends/Day 5 Begins
Day 5 Lynch/Night 5 Begins
Night 5 Ends/Day 6 Begins
Day 6 Lynch/Night 6 Begins
Night 6 Ends/Day 7 Begins
Day 7 Lynch/Night 7 Begins

Do Not Post
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Castle Adiart

"The exterior reaches of Castle Adiart, where the King of the Blue Dragon faction resides, is quite bleak. Those who are welcomed within the castle can masquerade within these golden halls of nobility, while those exiled experience a desolate wasteland of emptiness, watched only by the awkward gazes of distant crows. Shadowy creatures have been seen lurking about the outskirts of the royal graveyard, crying for simply being forgotten in both this realm and the next."

The Good King
"The Good King struggles with power - learning his followers are not all who they claim to be, and his devoted ones seemingly lacking devotion. When the King falls, who shall rise? He worries not about himself, but the kingdom; if he were no longer to be the keeper of balance. This royal blood struggles if he should take action, or silently wait for the ideal moment to avenge his royal family."

The Unseen Path of Corruption
"The royal blood that flows through the man that challenges the throne is that of the Unseen faction. His heart is as black as the dungeon chambers that stretch far beneath the kingdom. His eyes glowing of deceit as if already devouring the souls of the people he lays sight upon – for he is no king of men, but a harbinger of death and a slave-master to both loyal servants and enemies alike."

The Crown of the Cult
True to his subjects and loyal to gods of realms beyond this one. The King, as a Cultist, must shepherd his wayward flock into the loving embrace of Mithras and the temptation of power emanating from Corax. He is not evil nor malicious but disappointed in the path his children and court have taken. With The Sage's wisdom of his beloved Cult Leader subtly by his side, he sets about amending the ways of his skeptical subjects.

After all, a King must look out for his people - and the only fitting future for his kingdom is to join with Mithras, lest a fate far worse befalls them all. The disappointment the King endures does not mean that he is without mercy, however. His subjects are given every opportunity to join his righteous path. Only in their refusal is their life forfeit and, only then, would they serve as either blood or as a body.

Where is my Color? A Fool's Story
"The sweet aroma of nightfall has swept across the kingdom and the throne is found empty, echoing sounds of glory with each step in this warm throne; yet the floor is so cold. I often ponder the unquestioned - why is he my king? I didn't vote for him. What makes him royalty? His robe? Where is my color? I stare at the reflection on the polished royal tiles to see only one image: Nobility. Gahaha... now I see it. The missing puzzle piece, laying in my shadow, taunting me this entire time:

I have been king all along! This is no fool's story... everyone shall see! EVERYONE!! Hehehehhh..."

The Gathering
"Who shall be your King? All the royals gather before the throne to decide. The silver lining in the King’s heart is thin: Altogether, we could make up his mind. Do you desire your king to be kind, or for him to be evil?

Lies are those we heard, those we told. We were naive to those we believe."

The Conspiracy

Conspiracy of the "Unseen" faction
"The corrupt King forges a meeting in the deepest reaches of the castle, calling upon his members of the Unseen. In this particular meeting, lives will be marked and soon forgotten. Strategies of betrayal are normal tactics within these grounds - it is commonly known here to shield your back, although, they say, it's better to keep your enemies closer..."
@Kiwipom is your King! Please refer to her in all posts as Your Majesty/Her Majesty or Dear Leader, Who is a Perfect Incarnation of the Appearance that a Leader Should Have

It is Day 1.
You have 24 hours to discuss amongst yourselves.

Countdown Timer


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Attention: I made some adjustments to a couple of roles due to balance reasons. Not every single role is perfectly reflecting the roles in the wiki. That being said, you may still use the site to know roles outside of your own. I strongly recommend doing so.

And no, you do not need to refer to Kiwi with all those formalities. It's just for fun.​
Ok, I hope our Queen King will be good and fitting.

Only thing I don't know is how many fractions are there, aka the number of good/bad/neutral players? Or is that part of the secret as well?
The wiki says this is played among 8-16 players, and since there are 20 of us, I was just wondering how we're standing number-wise.

I suppose we can start then!


Kami no Sharingan
In the name of our Majesty the King, I've come here to serve as the shield the throne.
On the other news, since Unseen has been mentioned is it safe to assume we have no cult..?? Cause it's said there will be only one of them,
We can only have 1 in a single game. I don't think we can know for sure until we get a scum killed.
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