[FNZ] Super Role Madness Round 13: One Piece Whole Cake Island

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By order of the Peaky Blinders

Hosts: @Kiwipom & @Dragomir

"Bring me sweets! If you do, I'll make a promise with you! A promise of peace! And of a dream country! If you listen to what I say, you will all live happily! And if you don't listen... you're being selfish! And I'm gonna kill you!"
-Big Mom

Game begins on Saturday 7 pm EST

1. @Kiwipom - [Big News Morgans] - Lynched N4
2. @Ali - [Katakuri] - Lynched D4
3. @Tobi - [Oven] - Killed N5
4. @AL sama - [Bege] - WINNER
5. @playa4321 - [Charlotte Linlin] - Lynched D3
6. @Jew D. Boy - [Tree Stump] - Tree Stumped N5
8. @Gambit - [Nami] - Killed N3 - WINNER
9. @Natalija - [Perospero] - Killed N3
10. @Finalbeta - [Smoothie] - Lynched D1
11. @NeutralWatcher - [Mont d'Or] - Mod-killed D4
12. @Akai2 - [Janitored] - Killed N4
13. @Marimo_420 - [Pedro] - Killed D4 - WINNER
14. @Seraphoenix - [Pudding] - Lynched D6
15. @Flower - [Streusen] - Killed N1
16. @Queen - [Brook] - Lynched D5 - WINNER
17. @Dark Admiral - [Baron Tamago] - Lynched D4
18. @Cinera - [Brulee] - Mod-killed D3
19. @Light D Lamperouge - [Daifuku] - Killed N3
20. @Zara - [Monkey D. Luffy] - Lynched D2 - WINNER
21. @Melontonin - [Vinsmoke Sanji] - WINNER

Game Style:
  • Traditional Setup - This game will prominently feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority.
  • Semi-open Setup: some of the game mechanics will be made open in the game-thread for players to see. No roles will be revealed, however.
  • No claiming: this game will feature a strict no claiming and info-dumping rule. This is the best possible way to have the game be run smoothly with the setup being the way it is.
  • Day Start - This game will begin with a Day phase. Day 1 will exceptionally last 48 hours. At the end of each day, a vote count will be provided, however, it may not reflect the actual vote value.
  • Plurality Lynch - the player with the most votes at the end of the phase will be lynched. If town wishes to end the phase early then they may Vote End Phase. This can only happen on Day 3 and onwards.
  • Quasi-Dusk - In this game, each day phase will officially end as soon as the deadline is reached. A dusk phase will not always be officially recognized, and players may continue discussing in the game thread until the next night phase begins. Day actions and votes will be locked in place and can't be submitted after the day ends.
  • Phase Length - The game is divided into cycles. Each cycle consists of 2 phases, a day phase, and a night phase. Each phase will last 24 hours, with the exception of D1.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, reveal any information to any player regarding this game if you are no longer alive.
  • Do not quote Private Messages from me; paraphrase.
  • Do not edit your posts; double post if necessary. Failure to comply could result in a mod-kill.
  • Vote towards a lynch by typing Vote lynch <name> or Vote <name>, where <name> is the name of the player you are voting for. You do not need to type Unvote to change your vote. I will always accept votes even with the wrong format
  • You must post at least 5 times per day phase. Failure to comply will result in a warning and a mod-block at the first offense. A second failure will result in a forced substitution or mod-kill. If you think you might not be able to meet the requirement at any given phase, let us know in advance and you will not be affected by the repercussions.
  • If you believe that I have made a mistake, please address the issue with us via Private message. Save any other comments after the game.
-Do Not Post-
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By order of the Peaky Blinders

A few of you will be familiar with the information I'm about to post here, the rest of you however will not. This Will likely come off as confusing when you read it through, so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I will make sure that you do understand.
Mechanical Information
  • There are two level of kills present in this game - Regular and Super. Regular kills can be stopped by roleblocking the killer or protecting the victim. They consume one life from roles with multiple lives. Superkills bypass regular defenses, roleblocks and bonus lives.
  • There are two level of protections present in this game - Regular and Super. Regular protection will stop regular kills, while Super protection will stop regular kills and super kills, as well as downgrade the nature of a hostile attack (ex: Rolecrush becomes a Roleblock).
  • There are 2 forms of role blocks. Regular role block and a super-block. Both role block the player for the phase(if used during the day phase then we'll use time stamps. Actions submitted before the role block is activated will still go through). A super-block however will block super-kills, won't be redirected, nor can they be stopped by a normal block. They will also bypass role block immunity.
  • Most actions will receive write-ups, some will not. Attempted kills will always appear in the write-up, regardless of the reason of failure. Alignments colors will not be revealed in an action write-up.
  • Abilities with limited use are expended upon activation. For example, a one shot can not be used a second time even if the ability failed.
  • Actions are processed at the end of the night with priority given to certain abilities. During the day, actions are processed immediately using a time-stamp.
  • Every role possesses at least one active ability per cycle. There is no limit on active abilities performed per role per phase, unless specified in your role PM. However, an ability (limited and unlimited use) can only be used once per cycle, unless specified otherwise.
  • There are 3 types of abilities present in the game. Active, Passive, and Conditional Active/Passive. Active and Passive you already know. Conditional abilities are ones that can only be activated once a certain condition is met. Another thing, it is entirely possible to have sub-abilities under the main ones.


By order of the Peaky Blinders
Special Events

Seducing Woods
Begins Day 1 - Ends Night 2

On the island of Whole Cake, there exists a Forest of Magic. This forest contains an abnormal type of magic. Not one that would zap you with spells or turn you into a wizard but it is one that instead....haunts you. Trees that move ever so close to you but once you turn around...not a single twig wiggles. You would hear a song of laughter cackled throughout the branches, the earth, and even the sky. You will have that dreadful feeling if being watched, hundreds of eyes looking down at you. There is no escape. Welcome to the Seducing Woods!

21 visitors have landed their ship on Tottoland. Having heard about Big Mom's famous Tea Parties, they desired to take part. As they journey through the Seducing Woods, the visitors realize that they are ravenous...and boy do they have quite the appetite. They are in luck for these woods they are in will provide them enough food for a lifetime. But there is something very off-putting about these woods. The visitors will have to eat at their own peril.

To the visitors of Whole Cake Island, do you wish to eat in the Seducing Woods? Answer in your role PMs.

Tea Party
Begins Day 4 - Ends Night 5

Emperor of the Sea, Big Mom, is hosting one of her renowned Tea Parties! This Tea Party has more to it than usual. Famous Underworld bosses such as the "Queen of the Pleasure District" Stussy, the "Loan Shark King" Du Feld, "Major Undertaker" Drug Peclo, and even the President of the World Economic Newspaper "Big News" Morgans will be present! But the main course of this Tea Party will be the wedding between Big Mom's own daughter Charlotte Pudding and the 3rd son of Germa 66 Vinsmoke Sanji! An unprecedented event! This Tea Party shall be a spectacular event...or perhaps will it be a disaster that will embarrass those present? Our 21 visitors who plan on attending the wedding just might not live to tell the tale.
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"Even the demons of Hell will come when called to Mama's tea parties!"

Welcome to Tottoland --- the territory of the Yonko Big Mom. It is a nation that Big Mom holds with pride, a place-- no, a utopia-- where people of all races can be unified and live together in peace. It is a sweet paradise, literally with islands made of biscuits, ocean composed of juice, mountains made with cake. And most of all, the annual event, held by Big Mom, the infamous Tea Party. Once you have been invited, showing up is at the event is a must...or else.

Whole Cake Island is where the Tea Party will be taking place, it is also Big Mom's base of operation. With 4 days until the start of the renown Tea Party, visitors have started arriving!

All preparations are going smoothly and everything is going according to plan.....wait.....there seems to be unwanted visitors that sneaked in to the guest list! Seize them all at once!

It is now D1, you have 48 hours to discuss.

Those who did not answer the question about Seducing Woods will automatically be considered as a "no" for your reply.


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What an unfortunate occurrence.

A Mafia game commences and a Finalbeta is about to head to the realm of dreams.

I fortunately have got left a bit of time, that's some pleasant news.

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