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Ghost Princess
the reason i lied about the deadchat was because i made a joke about having an excel file of all the roleclaims

and then light asked me to post the light

and i-

i panicked :catcry:

and thats how the dead chat was born
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Post the list *
Soooo you're telling me everything goes back to Light, huh?



Oda's accuser
I don't get the Beta hate. He makes the games interesting. If you're mad that he is unhelpful then that's your own fault for not managing your expectations.
Well I mean I'm neither sided with Town nor with Scum, I feel like helping just one side out would be unethical even if it's solely a boardgame hmmmmm.

Plus I can't disclose all the hidden cards. I was already too talkative about my rolesheet.


-Votes Are Locked-
As requested by the players, this day phase will end early!​

Vote Tally:
-> Osie -> Rayan -> Queen -> Rayan -> Queen -> Seth
Marimo -> Tobra -> Osie -> Rayan -> Queen -> Seth -> Queen
Light -> Osie -> Rayan -> Queen
Kiwi -> Osie -> Rayan -> Yo -> Queen
Osie -> Rayan -> Unvote -> Seraphoenix -> Seth -> Yo -> Rayan -> Queen -> Seth
Queen -> Osie -> Unvote
Zara -> Queen -> Unvote -> Light -> Yo -> Queen -> Seth -> Queen
Yo -> Rayan -> Unvote
Tobi -> Queen -> Seth
Rayan -> Queen
Jew -> Seth -> Queen
Sera -> Queen
Melon -> Seth -> Queen
Beta -> Seth

Queen - 8
Seth - 4

Yeah, no. That's not what you said yesterday tobs.

If Tobi really is town, I need a refresher on FMA.
1. Melontonin Town

3. Finalbeta Meh
4. Tobi
6. @Jew D. Boy Town
7. @Seraphoenix Town lean
8. Zara Town
9. Marimo_420 Town lean

11. Yo Tan Wa
12. Kiwipom Town lean
13. Queen Town lean
14. RayanOO Town lean( Lanji argued with him)
15. Seth
18. @osieorb18 ( was down to vote Melon and Midnight)( one a town lean, one a confirmed dead town)
19. @Light D Lamperouge Town lean
20. @Fujishiro Town

Vote Lynch osieorb18
What I remember from Osie is that she visited you, said no kill was attempted on you and what you said.

I'll go ahead and place a vote on them for now.

Vote lynch @osieorb18 @Dragomir
inb4 we kill the last 2 town protect :suresure:

Vote Lynch Oseiorb
Vote Lynch Oseiorb

Lol, no. And one way or another, even if you believe my claim less than the self-protection claim, mine self-resolves and the self-protection claim does not.

Vote Rayan

Did you check them? I suppose that's a reason.

Unvote @Dragomir

My impression was that it was thought that Rayan and I were effectively CC'ing each other.
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Why do you want to stifle 12 hours of discussion?
Im switching to Rayan

Vote Lynch Rayan
i will wait for rayan to come here and defend himself
Heads, 1 it is

Vote lynch Lueen
if you really think that then give me a role thats immune to night kills next time :king:

Vote Lynch Queen
Imma be back in some while.

Vote Lynch Rayan @Dragomir
Vote lynch Rayan @Dragomir

Imma go to sleep. It's 6 fucking AM, I am sick, freezing and gotta work in a few hours.
Vote Lynch Light

Okay, going through my Gutread PoE, Sera is no worse than indie due to interactions with Lanji, Tobi is Edward, apparently a Mason (while still useless).

So we vote for Seth?

Vote: Seth
good point, you're right that seth's lynch wont give us info


Vote Yo Wan Tan

Light/Rayan are still sus but going after people with an innocent reading over someone who doesnt have it doesnt work so ill vote yo wan tan today and take care of seth tonight :feelsokeman:
Started playing this year like most of us here. He’s pretty good tho. He usually writes long cases as town so that’s a little off about him this game

alright Yo it is then if that’s what we’re going with

vote lynch Yo Tan Wa
Experienced. Yet he barely did much and only when called out, he basically sussed Rayan the most all game, rescinding his sus for a bit and then going off again. Either he is tunnel visioning or using Rayan as an ''alibi'' for him scum hunting.

Still id rather keep yo and vote rayan, man is barely present but his lynch will give us info. A lot of it.
On the real number of protects in this game as well as Yo's alignment

@Kiwipom @osieorb18 @Zara

Vote Lynch Rayan with me.
Uggh. Then really not newb town. Okay.

Vote Yo Tan Wa

I wonder why I couldn't this day phase,:okay:

How does it being my first game influence you lynching me or not?

Fuji fuji fuji, lazy man. Why don't you go through the posts, i gave you guys Rayan on silver plate, but not my fault you believe fake claims and change it when i am sleeping. Game activity rush hours are at midnight, ending and start of day phases, it is not in my hands.
D1 i had an exam, if you read my posts you would know. I think i did my part D2, bt none, none have gone through the posts, just relying on stupid claiming.

But it's good you guys voting me. I wanted to sub out anyway at this point. And i won't claim either.
Unvote @Dragomir
Can we maybe not use slurs? Thank you.
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Vote Rayan

I'm more comfortable here at this point than on Yo Tan Wa given the info front.
vote lynch Queen
Tobi’s vote for Queen was counted, I can’t believe Queen tried manipulating my feelings by calling me a dick. Queen lied about her passive ability. I really typed an apology message to scum.

Vote Lynch Queen
Vote rynch Lueen

Wait tho, did you receive the votes in a PM?

@Dragomir What's the vote count?
Do you think she figured that Tobi wouldn't show up?
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Vote Queen

Scum Queen?

Actually fuck it, i need to think with my brain and not my ego. Lynching queen makes no sense

Vote lynch seth

That being said fuji, queen is mine this nightphase. Please go for someone else
Brain would be Rayan to clear out our central spy but this is fine.

Wait a you think Yo was sacced to Rez Lanji?
Ah no use overthinking
Vote Lynch Seth
alright vote lynch seth
So ScumQueen.

@Zara do you still want me to tell you my guy lmfao?


Who are we going with?
Yeah I understand both stances tbh. If it's like that we can lynch Seth now and if nothing actually happens snap Queen and Lanji at night. @Fujishiro

Vote lynch Seth @Dragomir
Think I've pretty much casted Votes on everyone and everything this game.

But arryt. A queen lynch can also tell alot of things.

LYNCH @Queen @Dragomir
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I’ll be a team player and go with the group.

Vote lynch queen
Don't have a lot of time so this may not totally be accurate, but I don't think I'm wrong to find Rayan odd.

That's what I want to put emphasis on "not town not mafia". He's said this more than once about more than one player.

I know Kiwi mentioned it before and it's a good point. Why protect Law when you could have protected someone who said a lot more and that looked a lot more Town like Fuji, or even Light after his fight with TACo? Maybe afraid of trackers? The Law heal doesn't make a lot of sense.

I'm pretty sure by then Sera said that he was rolecrushed and Lanji heavily hinted that he did it, and indeed Lanji has a rolecrushing ability, so I just don't understand this vote.

Don't think it was easy to figure you out as town, after this tiny iso you mostly fluffed and gave a few opinions.

And finally again, just wanna point out that Rayan has often mentioned people not being town nor mafia. He said that about tobi and midnight (though not sure why tobi's role would be indie)? Either diplomatic reads or he is himself indie and kinda projects it onto the people he mentions.

Also I am not sure how many town protects there are this game? And if his claim is a solid one.

Not trying to derail the Seth lynch, but while we have time we may as well start checking out other players because I really doubt mafia has 3 members only, and 2 indies in a 20 player game. I'd say possibly 4 mafia and 4 indies, so we have about half of the game figured out. The more dayphase we have to discuss the better.

Vote Lynch Seth
Oh shit, that's a good point.

Vote Lynch Queen
Maybe I am...

Vote Lynch Queen @Dragomir and I’m gonna dip for the rest of the phase, I’ll enter my action later since I know who I wanna check.
I don't get the Beta hate. He makes the games interesting. If you're mad that he is unhelpful then that's your own fault for not managing your expectations.

The little I read was pretty funny. Especially how Zara was about to deadass kill the next person to call him Lara :denzimote:
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Vote Lynch Queen


Ghost Princess

It all makes sense now. Zara’s N1 death write up was a fake write up. He was never dead. That’s why I couldn’t revive him. He was just Chilling and now he rolecrushed flower, made a second fake write up for flower’s role. It’s all confirmed. Zara is scum. Queen is good and got wronged



Lazy is the way

It all makes sense now. Zara’s N1 death write up was a fake write up. He was never dead. That’s why I couldn’t revive him. He was just Chilling and now he rolecrushed flower, made a second fake write up for flower’s role. It’s all confirmed. Zara is scum. Queen is good and got wronged

I will pay to see that


The Rise and Fall of Scum Queen

@Queen [Pride] has been lynched!

Pride - Queen
You are Selim Bradley, Pride the Arrogant!

[Passive – Selim Bradley] Selim is Pride’s undercover role as the adopted son of King Bradley. Nobody could ever suspect a child to be plotting something sinister. As such, Pride does not appear in tracker or watcher results.

[Active – Shadow Manipulation] Pride’s main power is the manipulation of shadows, allowing him to do whatever he pleases upon his target. However, since this is a shadow, it only works best when there is light. On odd nights, Pride may stay home as there is not enough light to move about. Whoever visits him will be role blocked and he will learn their name. On even nights, Pride may target a player of his choice to role block them for the night.

[Conditional Active – Ability Absorption] While Pride lacks the voracious appetite that his brother Gluttony has, he can still eat others and gain their powers as a result. Pride can target a player to consume them whole. The player will be super-killed and he will gain all their abilities as a result. However, in order to use this, the player must have claimed in the thread. Moreover, this counts as a faction kill.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Homunculi
Someone has gained the Philosopher's Stone!

It is now Night 3.
You have 24 hours to turn in your actions.
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